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Welcome to
St Mary the Virgin, Hambleden

Parish Groups

The parish has a number of well established groups

Flower arrangers

At Easter you can ‘buy lilies’ in memory of someone, and they will be incorporated into a lovely floral arrangement in the sanctuary.

Church Cleaners

These are secretive and wonderful people who come and go unseen and too often unthanked.  Both churches always need one or two more such clandestine helpers to take on a given area in church just to maintain (in their own time) the  traditionally very high standards. Churchwardens will introduce you to this closed society.


Bell Ringers (Hambleden)

An enthusiastic group of bellringers meets at church for a practice on Friday evenings on their way to the Stag and Huntsman. The valley resounds to the fabulous sound of parish church bells regularly on Sundays and for weddings and the quality of our bells attracts visiting bands of ringers. Two bells are said to have been won from Fingest church in a high stakes card game between the Rectors (last century!) New bellringers welcome and taught. Please contact Helen 



Lent lunches group - Hambleden and Frieth

Hambleden and Frieth churches support Christian Aid financially through a series of friendly Lent lunches. A group of volunteer dinner makers always needs good cooks.  The group is supported by appreciative hungry visitors on Saturday lunch times in Lent.

Church Teas Group - Hambleden

On Sunday afternoons and Bank Holidays a group of volunteers offer tea and cake to visitors to Hambleden church. This is welcomed by walkers especially. There is valued income for church maintenance from this hospitable activity.  The leaders have a roster in the porch where you can join a Sunday group serving teas and cake.

Community Group (Hambleden)

Not really a church group, but has strong personal links to Hambleden church as well as to the lay Parish Council of the village. Watches over the elderly and provides instant practical help. It is first into any situation where a little community tender loving care goes a long way. Organises a huge November 5th firework party to finance its operations.

Save our Churches Fund

Physical deterioration affects all rural churches.  A Group has been established drawing in many talented people, all generous with their time but by no means all churchgoers, to raise money in a separate capacity, to be invested against major structural repairs which inevitably will be needed.

Hambleden and Frieth Parochial Church Council

Not strictly a Group, more a requisite element of every parish structure. The PCC is made up of active members of the two churches who do act as a group to give cohesion and forward momentum to the spiritual, financial and administrative life of our two churches. Membership of the PCC is by nomination and election.

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