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Mission Action Plans

Ministry Team

·        Promote a sense of Group Identity

·        Develop gifts for informal worship

·        Nurture small groups

 ·        Encourage children's & family worship


·        To place an ‘A’ board outside the church to show the church is open, welcoming and alive 

·        To encourage people into the church by organising an evening visit and guided tour, which will include historical information and refreshments  

·        To have a book available in church for people to write their prayers; individual and personal prayer to be available in the Vestry after Communion


·        To raise the profile of the church in the school and our community  

·        To aim to attract more families into the church 

·        To create a lunch club


·        To develop our ministry to tourists/visitors to the church.  

·        To organise a social gathering for people who help with the church  

·        To have a large choral service this year.  


·        To improve our display of information in the church 

·        To arrange a 'thank you' celebration for all the people who contribute in any way to the church and its upkeep

·        To aim to make more connections with the community, including services such as 'Footprints' which involve people who don't come to regular services


·        To develop Children's Ministry by arranging another children's Church Mice trip

·        To offer teas to visitors to church on two weekends of the year 

·        To develop the prayer space in church: providing a comfortable setting with prayer cards to inspire those who wish to spend time there. 


·        To build on the success of last year’s Easter & Christmas services within the village by personally inviting the people in the community to all special services and church based events. 

·        To promote community events which attract the village into the church and its environs, such as teas, churchyard cleanup, and church spring cleaning 

·        To explore the church layout with a view to improving the welcome and providing some community and contemplative space


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