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If you wish to hold a funeral or thanksgiving service in one of the Hambleden Valley churches,
or a cremation at a crematorium please contact the Priest in Charge:

The Rev Andy Storch 07811 430898

REGARDING COPYRIGHT, the Hambleden Valley Churches pay the main Christian Copyright Licensing organisation (CCLI) for the right to have words only printed in Orders of Service used in public worship. This applies to most of the most popular hymns and worship songs used in weddings, funerals and Sunday worship. There are other well-known lyrics, still in copyright, that are not covered by CCLI; their copyright holders are listed in a supplement that we can make available to you, and you would have to apply for a one-off licence for each of those. Any hymn or worship song that we sing from the churchesí official hymnbooks are automatically covered.


REGARDING RECORDED MUSIC, The Hambleden Valley Churchesí licences and agreed policy do not allow for any form of recorded or transmitted music to be played. However, we do have an exceptional organist and choir, who will happily play and sing all manner of appropriate music for the joyful and solemn occasions we celebrate in our churches. We hope this will clarify the musical options available, and that you will find great comfort in the service we are holding for you.