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Turville Fingest Frieth Fawley Medmenham U.R.C.

The Railway Nativity happens annually at Fawley Railway Station

Here are some pics in 2016 with Stationmaster Stephen



Here are some pics in 2008

The service was conducted by the Station Master, Revd. John ("It'll be a hoot") Wigram.


Mary and Joseph could find no room at the Station Hotel or the Railway Inn,

so they were shunted to the end of the siding where Jesus was born and laid in a manger.

Above them the neon star flashed on and off
while the angels watched from the parapet of the bridge.


and carols were sung accompanied by an angelic band.

On the hillside the shepherds were keeping watch over their flocks...

and came down with the angels to worship the baby Jesus.


Meanwhile Wise Men from the East had seen the star and caught the next train ...


bearing gifts in their suitcases.

Finally, everyone was warmed by mulled wine and mince pies but, just before,
a surprise visitor arrived on the last train with presents for the children -

Father Christmas himself

and the Station Master tried to ask for an orderly queue!


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