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Turville Fingest Frieth Fawley Medmenham U.R.C.

Plough Sunday

This is a service of prayer, dedication and blessing for all those involved in agriculture and the countryside.
It is an opportunity to cherish the land and human labour,
and to remind us all of our dependence upon it and upon God.

It is held annually in Turville Church in January on the first Sunday after Epiphany.

Description of a typical service

A Group Evensong for Plough Sunday was celebrated in St Mary’s Turville. The service was for all those involved in agriculture and the countryside. It was attended by over 40 people from the Hambleden Valley and the local farming community. This was the traditional celebration which marks the beginning of the farming year. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after Epiphany. Historically, the plough was often drawn through the streets to be blessed in the church. In Turville’s case the plough was delivered to the church for the service of blessing which was accompanied by prayers from the farming community for the coming year’s work on the land leading to a plentiful harvest.

 Historically, the following day, Plough Monday, was the first day of work in the fields after Christmas. This was also the time for more secular celebrations in many parts of England. The plough would be hauled from house to house accompanied by musicians and dancers in “very strange attire “collecting money as they went. There would also be drinking and revelry including, in Norfolk, the eating of a Plough Pudding which was a boiled suet pudding containing meat.



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