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2nd Hambleden Marmalade Festival

A two day fund raising event for the restoration of what is believed to be a Norman clunge chalk pillar in the north transept of the parish church. 63 entrants submitted 250 jars of marmalade in 11 categories. The prize winning ceremony was held in the Orangery of Hambleden Manor at the invitation of Maria Carmella Viscountess Hambleden.

The judges were Sue Webb, Managing Director of McNeills Fine Foods Ltd. and John Webb, Production Director.

Additionally, last Sunday had been declared Marmalade Sunday in Hambleden Parish Church. The service of Matins was preceded by a peel (sic) from the 8 magnificent bells in the tower, the oldest of which dates back to the Battle of Agincourt. Another is said to have been won from Fingest for Hambleden in a game of cards, by the Rector at the time. The church was generously decorated by the flower arrangers with arrangements featuring oranges and lemons. Christine Wells, Director of Music at the Parish Church played a mid-service medley of marmalade related tunes, including music from Seville, which the congregation was asked to identify.

Lay Minister Sue Brice preached. The theme of marmalade was ‘spread’ generously through her sermon.

The pectin which helped ‘set’ the scene was an array of prize winning jars of marmalade displayed through the church on flower arrangers’ pedestals.

Matins ended with choir member Mrs Joan ‘Songbird’ Jackson of Pheasants Hill being again awarded the certificate of merit for being the 2010 ‘Supreme Marmalade Maker’ as she had been at the 2008 Festival.  

The marmalade will be available on Sunday afternoons and Bank Holidays from 30th May to  the 26th of September at church teas. These have taken place at the church porch continuously on summer Sundays for over 30 years. The teas offer a welcome to Hambleden’s many summer visitors and provide essential income for the structural maintenance of what is one of Englands most glorious parish churches. 

The Verger of Hambleden Parish Church, Alan Armstrong, said “The maintenance of this much loved church requires continuous effort and considerable sums of money. The parish church receives no state funding so we rely on individuals to provide the necessary financial support” 

The Festival of Marmalade is expected to have raised £1,275.

Prize winners:

Seville Orange Marmalade
3rd Francis Emmett
2nd Helen Midford
1st Angus Armstrong
Citrus Marmalade
3rd Joan Jackson
2nd Jill Steward
1st Charles Gray
Dark Chunky Marmalade
3rd Jill Steward
2nd Joan Jackson
1st Jaime Brodie
Valentine Romantic Marmalade
3rd Catherine Geissler
2nd Joan Jackson
1st Julia Lacey
Best B&B and Pub breakfast marmalade
1st Francis Emmett
Children's Marmalade
3rd Boris, Conrad and Monty Gurney
2nd Thomas McCrorie
1st Harriette Wilcock
Man made marmalade
3rd Gerry Jarvis
2nd Angus Armstrong
1st Charles Gray
Clergy and Lay Ministers marmalade
3rd Jeanne Keene
2nd John and Rachel Wigram - light Seville
1st John and Rachel Wigram - chunky
Military Marmalade for British Legion members
3rd Sharon Howgego
2nd Joan Jackson - lemon and ginger
1st Joan Jackson - strong and dark
Trinity 3 Fruit Marmalade
3rd Penny McLeish
2nd Sarah Helweg-Larsen
1st Jill Steward
Gold Standard Seville (WI members)
3rd Sylvia Crowther
2nd Liz Jarvis
1st Ann Lazur

Here are some photos of the event:
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marmalade in the Orangery

Prize giving

Thanks to Lady Hambleden


Flower arrangements in the church




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