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Baptisms and 'Naming and Blessing' Ceremonies

If you would like to be baptised yourself, please contact one of the clergy - we would be delighted to discuss it with you.

If you have a baby or child and would like to have a church service when you can celebrate their birth and say thank you to God for them, we would love to help you do that! There are two options, both of which happen during one of the main morning services in our parish churches; a Baptism service or a Naming and Blessing service.

A Baptism service is one in which a person of any age is welcomed into the church, making statements about their belief in God and Jesus Christ, and promising to live according to the doctrines of the Christian faith and be an active part of the church. If the person being baptised is a baby or child they are represented by their parents and godparents, who make the promise for themselves and for the child. We are happy to baptise children whose parents live in the Hambleden Valley parishes or are part of the church here.

In the past almost all children in the parish would have been baptised as babies in their local church, but now many parents and godparents do not feel comfortable to make the promises that are part of the service. Some parents would like to allow their children to decide for themselves whether to be baptised when they are older. If this is how you feel, we would still love to celebrate with you and thank God for the gift of your child, and this can be done in the Naming and Blessing service.

A Naming and Blessing service gives an opportunity to say thank you to God for the gift of a child. During the service a prayer of blessing will be prayed for the child by name, and the godparents and congregation will promise to support you as parents in bringing the child up. You will receive a Bible as a gift from the church and we will all pray together for you as you bring your child up.

To discuss a baptism or Naming and Blessing service for your child, please initially contact the Revd Sue Morton, 07808 517347

Once you have contacted Sue, please download and fill in the application form below, then email it to Mrs Vicky Hollier, 01491 638760,

Initial Application for a baptism

Initial Application for a naming and blessing


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